Riverview Boer Goats Equipment Auction

by Harvey Plus


July 12, 2017 Online Only- Begins to Close @ 8PM EST Eastern


Felicity, OH


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Online Auction of farm and livestock equipment.

Dear friends and colleagues:

The lots included in this sale represent surplus equipment and supplies.  We have transitioned out of the Boer goat industry and have decided to focus our goat enterprise on the Weinheimer Spanish goat.  There are two reasons for this transition, first the boer goat is a very needy creature and the Spanish goat is generally self-sufficient.  We loved our time in the industry, the friends and comradery will be cherished forever.  Second, other business endeavors are demanding more of our time.  Alan and Robby Neal have been ai’ing and flushing goats, sheep, whitetail deer and mule deer from Texas to Ohio, as well as collecting semen for the deer industry throughout the south and midwest.  And my interests have expanded to operating a private ambulance company.  It seems to take as much time as the boer goats did.

In any case, we still have over 250 goats…so we are still in.  The Fall Herd Builder will close on September 10.  We hope our surplus items can help other producers.  Thank you everyone for your concerned inquiries.

Pam Motta

Pickup in Felicity, OH within 2 weeks of the auction. Small items can be shipped at buyer's expense. If you have questions related to pickup/ shipment please contact Pam Motta  at (513) 739-9383.

Contact Pam Motta for questions regarding the items at (513) 739-9383 or Jill Harvey for questions regarding the auction process at (937) 244-1448.


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